Kelly Clarkson has been eating artists up on their own songs for years, and Girls Allison Williams and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, aka Marnie and Desi, could have possibly turned the tables on her. Okay, maybe not; it’s almost impossible to out-sing Clarkson. Williams and Moss-Bachrach reunited seven years after working together on Girls, and the latter is still learning little Easter Eggs from the show. “I found out the other day that most of our songs were discards from Kelly Clarkson,” explains Moss-Bachrach. “I think some of them were,” corrects Williams in character. “I think the song ‘Breathless’ was written by Jack Antonoff for Kelly Clarkson.” Antonoff dated show creator Lena Dunham for most of the show’s run and wrote other songs for the duo. Williams continues, “It’s a great song; she should’ve done it. But we got it as a result.” It’s never too late to release the Clarkson demos or for a Girls reunion tour.

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