A wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up and feel even more feminine than usual. For many ladies, wedding day dress shopping is a special, exciting event on its own. While lots of options are acceptable, there are still some rules to keep in mind when choosing an outfit.

Everyone knows that a white dress is a big no-no – upstaging the bride on her special day is a recipe for disaster. How about sparkles and sequins, however? Do sequin dresses look good or should they be reserved for the nightclub?

Here’s what you need to keep in mind about wedding day outfits, especially if you’re interested in picking something a bit more extravagant.

Wedding Dress Code 101

The wedding dress code is heavily dependent on the type of event you’re attending. Some of the most important event-based outfit considerations include:


  • White-tie weddings: As far as the level of formality goes, this is the top tier. White-tie weddings necessitate the selection of a formal, floor-length gown for the ladies and a tuxedo for the gentlemen.
  • Black-tie weddings: Slightly less formal, black-tie events ask for floor-length gowns or exquisite cocktail dresses. An elegant, high-end pantsuit could also be a suitable pick for a black-tie wedding. Tuxedos are once again a must for male attendees.
  • Formal weddings (black-tie optional): Floor-length gowns and cocktail dresses should be the choice of preference here. Both tuxedos and suits are acceptable for the gentlemen.
  • Cocktail: The name gives away the dress code – cocktail dresses and suits are the most suitable choices.
  • Dressy casual: A step down from formal, this wedding day dress code gives attendees more options. Women can choose from any length of dress (reaching the knee is a good choice), elegant pantsuits, or even high-end jumpsuits. Dress shirts and slacks are the option of preference for most guys attending a dressy casual wedding.
  • Casual wedding: The most relaxed of them all, the casual dress code is suitable for outdoor and beach weddings. In that instance, comfort and practicality are prioritized. Summer dresses, sandals, dress pants, and khakis are all deemed appropriate. The same applies to flats.


Sequin Dresses at a Wedding: Wow or Boo?

Sequins have been used in attire creation since the time of Ancient Egypt. Their interesting history turned them into a symbol of wealth and opulence through the centuries.

Today, sequins are reserved for special occasions and nights out. Since they are super noticeable and shiny, they’ve become a fashion taboo for daytime wear. Wearing a sequin dress during the day is possible due to more liberating fashion trends but styling has to be used to tone down the bold, shiny statement.

So, is the selection of a sequin dress for a wedding a yay or a nay?

The general consensus is that sequin dresses are inappropriate for a wedding.

Loud and flashy, sequins get noticed everywhere you go. The wedding day, however, is meant to make somebody else the shining star of the occasion. That somebody else is the bride. This is why sequin dresses tend to have as much of a bad reputation as white garments.


Tips to Make a Sequin Dress Work

Obviously, there are some exceptions to the rule.

If you are attending a super glam wedding and the bride has given her ok for a sequin dress, you’ll be free to make that bold choice.

When choosing a dress, you’ll also have to think about the color and the cut. Dark tones of sequins like black and navy aren’t going to be as obtrusive as some brighter shades. A classic little black dress that has some sequin decorations will be a classy, appropriate choice. The same can’t be claimed for a neon pink glittering gown.

Those who love sequins should consider one more aspect of picking such an outfit for a wedding. Depending on how sequined the dress is, it could be incredibly heavy. Moving around in such a dress all day long, dancing, and having a great time will be nearly impossible. Short-sleeved and sleeveless sequin dresses can also scratch the underarm area and the issue will get worse the longer the ceremony goes on.

So, to give you the answer – sequin dresses are generally frowned upon but a classy outfit can be pulled off. To be on the safe side, do talk to the bride and let her know what you intend to wear. Having her approval for your outfit choice will give you peace of mind on the big day.


Better Alternatives

There are better ways to honor someone’s special day and still make a fashion statement.

Pick a dress that makes a fashion statement without being too bold. A maxi dress that flows nicely and fits you perfectly will immediately get nods of approval. The same applies to a dress that has an interesting pattern or print. If the piece of clothing itself makes a fashion statement, pair it with accessories that are simple and elegant.

To stand out, you can also honor your cultural heritage when picking a dress. Many designers incorporate Indian, Arabic, Southeast Asian, and other traditional outfit elements in their creations. Choosing a cultural outfit gives you that immediate distinction without taking attention away from the bride.

Finally, you can embrace an approach that’s based on the selection of a simple outfit that’s paired with breathtaking accessories. High-end designer shoes or statement jewelry pieces will elevate the dress and give you some sophisticated polish and sparkle.

Whether you’re a fashion rebel or a classic diva, you have to follow some rules when attending a wedding.

No bride wants to feel like she’s playing second fiddle during the most important day of her life. Be considerate and kind, even if you believe that you have a killer outfit for the occasion. A sequin dress can work if it’s elegant and a little bit understated. Avoid bright colors and extravagant silhouettes. Rather, focus on elegance, classiness, and sophistication. You’ll be guaranteed to feel like a princess when making such a choice.

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