Based on the game Time Geeks, Where’s my geek? is a hidden object game with over 200 levels in its Story Mode where you will complete your missions by locating the objects displayed. Then, unlock Zombie Mode with 50 levels, the retro arcade game machine, two-player mode, and try out the weekly tournaments. Within the time given, just move around the busy scene until you find the object and tap.

Where’s my geek? is a colorful, hidden object game with an upbeat theme. Search for each object to complete that level’s mission and move on. You do not have much time, so scan, pan, and zoom in on the crowded scene quickly. The game has vibrant graphics, enjoyable sound effects, and funky music.

Finding the objects is challenging due to the packed scenes you are given and the time limit, but Where’s my geek? is a fun hidden object game. It is bubbly, energetic, and has an uplifting theme and story. If you enjoy this genre and like the simple stories rather than the lengthy dramatic ones, this is your game.

The game is $2.99 for the iPhone and iPad along with Apple TV.

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