MOVING GEAR | The Movement of the Gear gives the observer a feeling of hypnotic relaxation and makes the clock a living element in the environment in which it is placed. Great Decor in any room.

STYLE | We have realized and invented a Unique Design reinventing the color of this Wall Clock. Many others have tried to copy it. We Hold the title of inventor of this style, and those color textures are our invention.

QUALITY | Made using high-grade materials to ensure the clock’s durability, the wood edge is large. We have recently improved the manufactory assembly standard, the packaging protection, and the entire handling process, to ensure the best quality possible.

PERFECT FOR ALL ROOMS | This unique Industrial vintage Steampunk Real Moving gears clock is the perfect clock to dress up a wall in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, family room, den, office, Restaurant, Workplace……anywhere!

MATERIAL | The entire frame is made of Fir Wood, the Gears are made of High Quality Hard Plastic for longer durability, and Clock hands and other small parts are made of Metal 

BATTERY | Requires three AA batteries, and is easily hung on any wall. The clock is 36-inches (90cm)

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