What are you up to this weekend? We are lucky enough to be staying at a friend’s house by the beach, and their home is filled with prints and patterns. Even the towels and silverware and lamps are patterned, and I love it. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Gahh, this skirt would be so sexy with a white T-shirt.

New Yorker cartoons are consistently hilarious.

Questions I’ve texted my dad in ascending order of how disappointed he was to receive them, lol. (New Yorker)

Considering this Father’s Day gift.

The new Jake Gyllenhaal psychological thriller, Presumed Innocent, looks gripping!

Should we all go see the Broadway musical Suffs?

My new favorite beauty product.

How delicious does this summer dinner look?

What a beautiful walk to school.


A very low-key summer bucket list, including flirting, the best beach bag, and a fun way to see a movie. (Big Salad)

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Britt on what do you cook when eating solo: “As my toddler naps in her crib and my two-month-old sleeps in one arm, I am heavy-handing some Nutella onto the butt piece of some homemade bread and eating it ALONE, not sharing.”

Says Michaela on do you buy yourself a birthday present: “Our local bookshop does book and wine pairings, so a couple years ago I started a tradition of picking out a new read and a bottle of wine to enjoy with it. I also take my birthday off work, which is a present in itself!”

Says Anon on eight reader comments on marriage: “One of the feel-good rituals of my marriage: Whenever we go through an automatic car wash, we use that time to make out. We’ve been doing that for every car wash for 15+ years.”

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