by Dleen Doski on 05/23/2024

Job well done.

Perez was so calm and patient with my husband, who was very upset with the situation. He even took the time to explain what happened and where the weak spots are. Fixed my garage door in no time.

Thank you!

Perez provided exceptional service by installing my sensors and optimizing their performance. Expertise and willingness to go the extra mile are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Submitted by Matt Hawes on 05/09/2024

highly recommended!

This business provided exceptional service by swiftly fixing my broken garage door cables, restoring its functionality seamlessly. His friendly demeanor and reasonable repair cost make him highly recommended.

Submitted by Joe Dwaine on 05/09/2024

Fast Service!

I had my garage door spring fixed by this company because it was, off balance. The technician came on time adjusted the springs and made sure the door was working well and safe. The cost, for the repair was fair. I appreciate how quickly they responded.

Submitted by Jessica Helens on 04/10/2024

Fast service!

Our garage door spring broke so we reached out to Perez Garage Door & Gates Repair based on their reviews. We’re thrilled that we did because Perez effectively repaired the door. He even provided instructions, for maintenance and fine tuned the sensors, which we had previously adjusted low. The pricing was reasonable. I would absolutely suggest their services to others!

Submitted by Susan Magnum on 02/29/2024

High quality service

So glad that the chap here checked my sensors first to make sure they were broken before fitting in a new one in my garage. I’m also delighted he made sure everything was working properly before letting me pay.

Submitted by Tyler Monnroe on 01/15/2024


So amazing how fast Perez and his tech set everything up. They even confirmed that the sensor was working properly and explained to me how it works. Thanks for your help, guys.

Submitted by Arthur Mercier on 12/28/2023

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