by Caleb White on 05/23/2024


Had the pleasure dealing with Anderson today, and I can safely say all the positive reviews about him are 100% true. He provides quality work, with quality parts, at more than reasonable prices! 


They provided a cost-effective solution. Diagnosed a faulty circuit board and replaced it at an affordable price. Appreciate their skilled service and reasonable pricing.

Submitted by Annalise Keating on 04/29/2024

response and efficient work!

My garage door opener chain snapped out of nowhere, but this company came to my rescue. Their tech quickly replaced it, and now my door opens smoothly again.

Submitted by Maxine Wilson on 04/29/2024

Highly recommend Anderson Garage Door Service!

I was worried sick when my garage door suddenly started closing with a loud bang instead of its usual smooth motion. The repair team discovered that the problem lay with the worn-out rollers, which they promptly replaced.

Submitted by Kairi Wilson on 03/20/2024

Affordable service! Thank you!

A broken cable caused my garage door to hang unevenly, posing a safety risk. Grateful for the repair service that replaced the cable promptly, ensuring smooth operation.

Submitted by Trina Carter on 03/20/2024

Super great experience

Super great experience with Anderson Garage Door Service! I Schedule an appointment and they were able to come out within a few hours from the call! Anderson was very professional and helpful good customer service and he did a inspection and did all the repairs needed for my garage.

Submitted by Jett Marks on 02/25/2024

Incredible service

My experience with this company exceeded my expectations. Anderson was on time, and he fixed everything accurately and in a timely manner. Thank you for your fast response.

Submitted by Patricia Smith on 02/22/2024

Fast service!

Great service. They were able to come resolve my garage door issue within two hours. The technician explained the issue, provided and quote and complete the job efficiently. If you need garage door services, I highly recommend Anderson Garage Door Service!

Submitted by Joaquin Caceres on 02/07/2024

Excellent Garage Door Service

Truly impressive service! I am impressed with Anderson professionalism and willingness to help. I had the garage door opener replaced as soon as it was turned. I am thankful for the amazing service provided.

Submitted by Anderson Garage Door Service on 01/17/2024


Just had my door fitted by their tech, and aside from having an affordable rate, I’m also satisfied with his panel and sensor installation. He really never stopped, and he cleaned up after himself too.

Submitted by Garry Cheer on 01/12/2024

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